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Humankind has always wondered, what if? Our design philosophy is to constantly stretch beyond the probable, to the desirable

// One of the most perfect spheres ever created by humans. A fused quartz gyroscope for the Gravity Probe B experiment which differs from a perfect sphere by no more than a mere 40 atoms of thickness as it refracts the image of Albert Einstein in the background.
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    Where are you in your brand journey?

    Whether you’re a startup business or already mature and successful, we’ll help to take you further. We’ll support you at every step from brand strategy and consultation, to concepts and designs, to production. And you’ll benefit from our many years of experience of building some of Europe’s bestselling brands

  • Our Philosophy

    We are relentless in our quest to create more impactful and effective packaging designs for you. To broaden and strengthen your appeal to consumers. To establish and enhance your brand values. To find fresh and powerful routes to build your market share. We let practicality set the limits; our imagination is boundless.


    bringing you the power to amaze, enlighten and compel


    reaching higher, to offer you more possibilities


    visualizing advances for you, and achieving them

  • Our values

    Everything we achieve for you is made possible by the relationship we build with you. We never forget we are in a communication business; we talk, listen, suggest, refine and share ideas and progress openly and frequently. Through partnership, we deliver satisfaction.

    Empathy and leadership

    taking the time to see things as you do, to know your goals and guide you to achieving them


    we are sharing and inclusive, because together we are more productive

    We don’t know “no”

    by applying intelligence, we will overcome

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We’d like to prove to you that Brandsphere is accomplished, adaptable and inspirational. Whatever your project, we aim to excite and reassure you, with our innovative, pragmatic and highly professional approach. To experience our all-round service, please get in touch.

Halgard Stolte
Founder and CEO


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